The Crypto Scam claimed to be a revolutionary crypto investment platform using artificial intelligence (AI). But it turned out to be a scam that caused investors to lose money. How lured investors The telltale signs of a scam How AI is being used in crypto Protecting yourself from crypto scams The key lesson is to be […]

Beware of Fake Celebrity Endorsements for Online Investment Scams

Scammers are using fake news articles and deepfake videos to trick people into investing in online trading platforms. Don’t let these fake endorsements from famous people fool you. How the scam works Real examples of these scams Protect yourself from these scams If you have any doubts, stop communicating with them. Be very cautious about […]

Cryptocurrency Scams

Crypto scams are tricks that criminals use to steal your hard-earned digital money. Here are the main types to watch out for. Phishing scams Fake websites Unrealistic investment schemes Pump and dump scams Impersonation tricks How to stay safe from crypto scams In the risky world of crypto, it pays to be cautious. Keeping your […]

Understanding Forex Trading Scams

Forex trading scams target people using the legitimate foreign exchange market. They can be hard to spot among real trading tools and platforms. How forex scams work Common scammer tactics Protect yourself from forex scams

The Validus Crypto Scam

Validus seems to be a Ponzi scheme run by former OneCoin scammers. It follows a similar model, rewarding early investors at the expense of later ones. How Validus works Validus’s questionable history Signs of Validus’s collapse Warnings from authorities The evidence strongly suggests Validus is a scam. Investors should be very wary and report any […]

The ITP Corporation Pyramid Scheme

ITP Corporation, also known as ITP Corp, ITP Club, ITP Tron, and Coscoin, was an “investment” scheme that turned out to be a scam. Many victims are in the UK. The scam promised very high returns ITP Corp was not authorised by the FCA The scheme’s collapse ITP Corp shows signs of being a pyramid […]

CashFX: What you need to know

CashFX is a scheme that promises high returns on investments. But many authorities and experts have warned it may be a scam or fraud. Warnings from regulators Lack of proper regulation Signs it may be a Ponzi scheme Problems accessing money Recovering losses is difficult Be very careful about Cash FX Group The findings and […]

‘Safe Account’ Scams

You’d be surprised how cunning these fraudsters can be, masquerading as trusted entities – your bank, HMRC, even the police! They’ve conned folks out of nearly £100 million over the past year alone. So, let’s dissect this deception and stay one step ahead.

Investment Scams

What’s Going On? With a staggering £230 million lost to investment scams in just two years, we need to be more vigilant than ever. In the first half of 2021 alone, fraud of this type accounted for £107 million lost. The crafty scammers behind these tricks continuously adapt their methods, but their schemes usually follow […]

Unauthorised Scams

In the minefield of financial scams, understanding what constitutes an ‘unauthorised fraud’ is crucial. We’re here to shed light on this complex topic and highlight ways we can help if you’ve fallen victim to these insidious scams. • What is Unauthorised Fraud? This term refers to situations where you’ve been charged for a payment you […]