Mis-Sold Pensions

What is pension mis-selling?

Pension mis-selling is when people are given bad advice about their pensions. This can lead to them transferring or investing their pension in a way that leaves them worse off.

How it happens

  • Some pension schemes promise big returns but are actually high-risk
  • People can lose a lot of money if these investments go wrong
  • Accessing pension money early can also lead to big tax bills
  • Regulations don’t always protect people properly

Common types of mis-selling

You might have been mis-sold if you:

  • Transferred from an employer’s scheme to a personal pension without understanding the risks
  • Invested in a high-risk scheme that failed
  • Weren’t told about enhanced annuities you could have gotten
  • Were advised to move to a worse pension scheme

Act now to safeguard your future

  • Don’t delay if you think you have a claim
  • Taking action can help secure the retirement you deserve