The Validus Crypto Scam

Validus is a Ponzi scheme run by former OneCoin scammers. It follows a similar model, rewarding early investors at the expense of later ones.

How Validus works

  • Validus uses a forex training platform as a front
  • It targets young people via social media and messaging apps
  • Investors are asked for up to $10,000 (£7,912) in crypto
  • They’re promised a 300% return, which is unrealistic

Validus’s questionable history

  • In 2021, Validus bought AuLives, a collapsed Ponzi scheme
  • It only acquired AuLives’ investor database
  • Validus claimed massive growth in 2022, raising suspicions

Signs of Validus’s collapse

  • In April 2023, Validus disabled withdrawals for “upgrades”
  • It said withdrawals would resume in May, but this didn’t happen
  • Investors couldn’t access their money and grew concerned

Warnings from authorities

  • Belgium warned about Validus in December 2022
  • It raised concerns about the training and multi-level marketing
  • New Zealand ordered Validus to stop operating there in February 2023
  • Dubai clarified in December 2023 that Validus isn’t licenced there

The evidence strongly suggests Validus is a scam. Investors should be very wary and report any losses to the relevant authorities.


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