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Turn Scam Losses into Compensation Victories

Don’t let previous rejections from your bank deter you—there are avenues available to help you regain your hard-earned money.

Common Types of Investment Fraud We Tackle:

  • Social Media Investment Fraud
  • Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes
  • Cryptocurrency Investment Fraud
  • Forex Investment Scams
  • Other High-Risk Investments

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Streamlining Your Claim Journey at About Claims

While it’s possible to pursue a financial claim on your own, the process can be intricate and overwhelming.

At About Claims, we provide the expertise and experience that makes all the difference.

While no outcome can be guaranteed, our seasoned team knows exactly what to look for, how to submit effectively, and the strategies to enhance your chances of success.

By entrusting us with your claim, you leverage our specialised knowledge and experience, removing the hassle of recovering what’s rightfully yours.

Specialising in Scam Recovery:

Social Media Investment Fraud

Scams on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, often involving cryptocurrencies, forex, and other investments.

Bank Account Scams

Criminals are finding ways to bypass even the most advanced bank security systems. They deploy social engineering scams, duping innocent individuals to make payments or handing over their bank details unknowingly. This method leads to hundreds of millions of pounds in authorised payments being channelled directly into the pockets of scammers annually.

Cryptocurrency Investment Fraud

Scams involving AI-generated fake celebrity endorsements or other deceptive practices to promote fraudulent crypto investments.

High-Risk & Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes:

Include shares and CFDs, where misinformation or fraudulent schemes lead to significant losses or deceptive investment strategies where returns are paid to earlier investors using capital from newer investors.