Scam Recovery

UK Finance, the banking and financial services trade body, has revealed the shocking scale of fraud in the UK. In 2021, criminals stole a total of £1.3 billion across all types of fraud.

How fraudsters operate

  • They use sophisticated methods to get around bank security
  • Social engineering scams trick people into making payments or giving bank details
  • This leads to hundreds of millions in losses through authorised payments

The impact on victims

  • Losing money to scams can be financially devastating
  • It also causes emotional distress like shame, anxiety and depression

Banks’ responsibilities and failings

  • Banks should spot suspicious transactions and help vulnerable customers
  • They should try to recover money if a payment was authorised
  • But banks are rejecting 50% of refund claims

What to do if you’ve been scammed

Don’t give up if your bank has refused to refund stolen money. You may still be able to claim compensation.

We can help by:

  • Guiding you through the recovery process
  • Dealing with banks and other financial organisations

We assist in cases where:

  • The payment was authorised by you
  • You think the scam was your fault
  • You haven’t got any money back yet
  • Only some of the money has been returned
  • You sent money somewhere you thought was safe, like a friend’s account

We have expertise in scams like:

  • Authorised push payment fraud (APP) / bank transfer scams
  • Pension and investment scams
  • Crypto and binary options scams
  • Romance and online dating scams

You’re not alone – we can help you get your money back and move forward.


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