Spotting and avoiding investment scams

Even experienced investors can fall for scams. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Signs of an investment scam

  • Unexpected contact about an investment opportunity
  • Pressure to invest quickly for a special offer
  • Downplaying risks or using confusing legal terms
  • Promises of very high returns
  • Long, repeated phone calls
  • Claims the offer is just for you
  • Overvalued products with little resale value

Be extra careful with:

  • Cryptocurrency investments
  • Foreign exchange trading

These often aren’t protected by UK financial regulations.

How to protect yourself

  • Stay calm – don’t feel rushed to respond to offers
  • Get advice before deciding
  • End conversations if you feel pressured
  • Be wary of overseas companies
  • Check adverts carefully – celebrity endorsements can be fake
  • Trust your doubts – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is

If you think you’ve been scammed

Don’t be embarrassed – always report it:

  • Contact Action Fraud
  • Check the Financial Conduct Authority website
  • Report scam ads to the Advertising Standards Authority
  • Get in touch with us, we might be able to assist

    Remember: It’s okay to say no to investment offers. Your safety is more important than being polite.


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