Date: 6 October 2023

Open Letter to Our Esteemed Clients

Understanding that this letter is a bit lengthy, we’ve provided an audio version for your convenience, allowing you to listen in whenever suits you best.

I recognise that these unexpected twists, especially with Lysander Law entering administration, might be causing some unease. I wanted to take a moment to chat with you – openly and without the jargon – about some of the communications that have been zipping around recently.

But before we delve into the details, there’s something crucial I want to underscore: Everything I share in this letter, I implore you to verify for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. In an era where misinformation can be rampant, it’s vital that you feel empowered to seek the truth directly. Whether it’s through checking the administrator’s letter, contacting the SRA, or any other means – your assurance in the facts is paramount.

You might’ve encountered emails or letters from RHL Solicitors, and truth be told, it’s thrown us for a loop as well. Their communications regarding us and/or Mendelsons Solicitors might paint a rather dire picture, but I’m here to clear the air and bring our discussion back to the basics.

It’s baffling and, quite frankly, disheartening to see a professional entity bad-mouth their competition in such a manner.

It makes me think – if a firm is spending time slinging mud at their competition, what does it say about their confidence in their own capabilities?

Here’s a little anecdote: Imagine a marketplace where each vendor boasts their own unique, quality products. A confident vendor doesn’t need to point fingers at others to prove their worth; their products and satisfied customers do the talking. 

If a vendor starts bad-mouthing others, it often reveals more about them than it does about those they seek to disparage. It’s a reflection of their own insecurities and desperation, not a true representation of their competitors.

Financial Gain – Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room:

You may have seen mentions that we’re in this for financial gain. The truth, unvarnished, is yes, we are a business, though our services are provided at no additional cost to you, but your best interests have always steered our ship. 

Ironically, while RHL points fingers, they omit that they stand to financially benefit as well. In fact, it’s worth noting that RHL stands to gain significantly more than we do.

And for transparency, due to the actions of Lysander Law, we’re not gaining financially – quite the opposite.

We believe in fairness and honesty, so while we navigate these muddied waters, know that our compass is – and has always been – what is best for you, our clients.

The Cancellation Threat and Competency:

I’ve seen the emails suggesting that if you don’t transfer to RHL, your claims will be cancelled, delayed or you’ll have to start from scratch. It’s not only incorrect but, let’s be real, it’s also a bit mean-spirited to throw such anxiety into the mix.

Here’s a thought: 

If the communications from the administrator, which is pretty clear, can be so vastly misinterpreted or misrepresented by a solicitor, it does make you ponder about how effectively they can manage and champion your claim, doesn’t it? You Be The Judge.

Something else to think about:

If RHL is actively seeking your authorisation to manage your claim, what then, gives them the authority to cancel it on your behalf without such authorisation? 

It’s a stark contradiction, isn’t it? 

Soliciting your approval on one hand, while presuming authority on the other. 

It’s not just a red flag; it’s a flare in the night sky, signaling a distressing lack of consistency and respect for client autonomy. 

Your claim, your journey, should be navigated with respect, clear communication, and above all, explicit consent. 

Anything less is not only subpar service; it’s a disservice to you and the trust you place in a firm to champion your cause.

Your Power in This Situation:

Remember, this is your claim, your choice. Whether it’s us, RHL, or any other firm – you should feel confident and secure in your representation, not bullied or misled. Your choice of representation should be anchored in confidence and assurance, not swayed by undue pressure or skewed narratives.

🔗 Read the administrators letter here

Here’s the truth:

  • Choice:

Your choice, your voice – it’s 100% your call which solicitor represents you. RHL Solicitors is NOT your automatic replacement. 

No ifs, ands, or buts about it. 

If someone’s telling you otherwise, it’s simply not true. And I understand, given our collective past experiences, how vital this assurance is. 

We’ve all felt the sting of being misled, and it’s made us wisely cautious. So, don’t just take my word for it – ask the Administrators or the SRA for that matter.

In fact, here is a direct quote from the administrator’s letter: ‘…you are under no obligation to use RHL Solicitors Limited going forward and you could choose to transfer your case to another firm of your choice or request that the file be returned to you.’

This stands in stark contrast to the context of the emails being banded around by RHL Solicitors. Together, let’s ensure our decisions are informed, empowered, and free from undue influence.

But worry not, we’re on it. Once the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has taken a thorough look into this, we’ll send you their findings. You’ll be the first to know – I’ll keep you posted every step of the way. Transparency is key.

  • Seamless Transition:

Should you decide to choose different solicitors at this point, it’s a smooth and straightforward process. You won’t lose your place in any queue or have to start any processes from scratch. Again, don’t just take my word for it, ask the SRA directly.

Considering Your Options?

Mendelsons Solicitors

Allow me to lay it out:

  • Experience:

They’ve been navigating these waters, specialising in this exact type of work, for over seven years.

  • Transparency:

They’re not shrouded in mystery; they have a visible online presence. Feel free to dig deeper into their team and expertise on their website. Also, you can contact them directly.

  • Track Record:

This is the real kicker – they have a commendable history of successfully completing claims that are virtually identical to your own, showcasing not just experience, but proven results in scenarios much like yours.

Your claims aren’t just paperwork to us; they represent your experiences and rights, and we treat them with utmost respect and diligence. Rest assured, choosing a team like Mendelsons Solicitors means placing your trust in hands that have consistently demonstrated success, ensuring every single detail is acknowledged and addressed with the highest standard of care.


RHL Solicitors?

I’m in the same boat as you – I can’t find a website, and I’ve got no prior experiences to share about their work. 

And, just like you, I did a bit of digging. 

At the time of penning down this letter, a search for them online – Google My Business, social media, reviews, no track record to verify – it’s come up startlingly empty. It certainly raises an eyebrow or two, right?

Especially considering your journey, having navigated through the choppy waters of mis-sold financial products, I understand that we’ve all become adept sailors in the sea of skepticism.

I’m all about making sure you’ve got the best team on your side, and from where I’m standing, that’s just not something I can validate about RHL at this time.

And those emails – oh, those emails! I’ve seen them too, the ones stating that if you don’t sign up with them, and choose to proceed with someone else, they will simply cancel your claim at the FSCS (without your instruction and authorisation mind you), and you must start again from scratch with your new representative!

It has a bit of a ‘Hand over your business or else…’ vibe, doesn’t it?”

It’s a low blow, especially considering the emotional and financial journey you’ve all been on.

It’s unsettling, really, to witness a professional firm seemingly overlook clear facts expressed in the administrator’s letter and convey things that simply aren’t true. 

Again, it leaves me wondering: is this a question of competency, arrogance, desperation, or perhaps a bewildering blend of all three?

It’s perplexing, to say the least, and certainly a curious way to communicate with individuals whose best interests they claim to represent. Again, you be the judge.

If you or someone you know signed up with RHL due to the cancellations or delays mentioned in those email communications, please inform us immediately if you wish to regain your options to choose. This is a very serious matter.

What’s next?

You keep control. This is your claim, and whatever happens will be led by your choices. If you want to chat, explore options, or just vent – we’re here.

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Please note that the RHL website link given on the SRA register and the administrators letter appears to be “parked” at the time of publishing this letter but I have previously seen it display a “new website coming soon” message. These two solicitors aren’t your only options either, you have the flexibility to shop around!

And here lies the crux of the matter: RHL seems to be upset with us, perhaps because we’re reminding you, our valued clients, about your options. Our transparency and dedication to ensuring you’re fully informed have seemingly ruffled some feathers at RHL. 

It’s peculiar, isn’t it? That a firm would be disconcerted by another ensuring clients are aware of their choices and rights.

I’m not here to sling mud with others in our industry. I’m here for you, to help guide you through this important step in your claim journey with as much ease and success as possible. 

For what it’s worth, I’m truly sorry that RHL has shifted the focus to a ‘us versus them’ narrative. 

But let’s redirect the spotlight back where our focus has always been and where it truly belongs – on you, our esteemed clients. This journey, with its unexpected twists and turns, is ultimately about ensuring you are heard, respected, and rightfully compensated.

You, who have navigated through the complexities of mis-sold financial products, who have endured the stress and strain it has brought into your lives, deserve to be at the forefront of this narrative, not merely spectators in a professional squabble.

Our unwavering focus and commitment remain on providing you with clear, honest, and supportive guidance through every step of the way. Your experiences, your challenges, and your aspirations for resolution are the driving force behind every action we take and every decision we make.

In the midst of the noise and counterclaims, your stories, your rightful claims, and your deserved outcomes stand paramount. 

Let’s continue this journey together, ensuring that your voice remains the most pivotal and influential in this ongoing narrative.