Unravelling the Hyperverse Scam: A Billion-Dollar Illusion and Its Aftermath

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the Hyperverse scam stands out as a stark reminder of the perils of unchecked investment schemes. This elaborate Ponzi scheme, which initially masqueraded as a promising metaverse investment opportunity, turned out to be one of the most significant frauds in recent crypto history, leading to an […]

Elysian Fuels

Elysian Fuels, an ambitious renewable energy project that attracted up to £180 million in investments through Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), recently saw its share price plummet to zero. The unfortunate twist of events highlights the importance of understanding the risks involved in SIPP investments. Elysian Fuels: The Backstory Celebrities Caught in the Elysian Fuels Debacle […]

Guinness Mahon – Hartley Pensions

Guinness Mahon Trust Corporation Limited (GMTC), a known Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) provider, took a tumble, sliding into administration due to a deluge of complaints around insufficient investment due diligence. The brunt of these investments were non-standard and high-risk, triggering significant financial losses for their customers. Here’s how it unfolded: FSCS Compensation on the Horizon […]

Gaudi SIPP – Platform One

Gaudi Regulated Services Limited, a previously respected SIPP provider and administrator, faced the axe after multiple decisions by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) landed them with an unaffordable financial burden.

Corporate & Professional Pensions – Westerby

Regrettably, we’re seeing yet another SIPP provider, Corporate & Professional Pensions (C&PP), face serious issues. The firm’s directors have had no choice but to place the firm into administration, given the wave of complaints that the Financial Ombudsman Services has upheld against them. High-risk, Unregulated Investments – A Recipe for Disaster Not long ago, C&PP […]

Avalon SIPP – Embark

SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) mis-selling has turned into an alarming issue, hitting a growing number of individuals adversely. SIPPs, while offering a broader investment liberty than standard pensions, come with increased financial risks – and occasionally, advisory firms and SIPP providers neglect to adequately spell out these risks. Avalon SIPPs and Multicorp Rose are glaring […]

‘Safe Account’ Scams

You’d be surprised how cunning these fraudsters can be, masquerading as trusted entities – your bank, HMRC, even the police! They’ve conned folks out of nearly £100 million over the past year alone. So, let’s dissect this deception and stay one step ahead.

Investment Scams

What’s Going On? With a staggering £230 million lost to investment scams in just two years, we need to be more vigilant than ever. In the first half of 2021 alone, fraud of this type accounted for £107 million lost. The crafty scammers behind these tricks continuously adapt their methods, but their schemes usually follow […]

Cryptocurrency Scams

We’ve all encountered the tales of crypto-millionaires, those who’ve ridden the wave of the digital currency boom and turned modest investments into impressive fortunes. Yet, for every success story, there’s a tale of loss and woe – a stark reminder that, with its wild price fluctuations, the cryptocurrency market is far from a guaranteed route […]

Unauthorised Scams

In the minefield of financial scams, understanding what constitutes an ‘unauthorised fraud’ is crucial. We’re here to shed light on this complex topic and highlight ways we can help if you’ve fallen victim to these insidious scams. • What is Unauthorised Fraud? This term refers to situations where you’ve been charged for a payment you […]